UK Graduate Route Visa

Happy graduate.

Are you an international student in the UK graduating this summer? This one is for you.

Come summer, many of you will be ushered into the real world. Permanent work placements have grown scarcer as COVID19 has stifled job prospects around the globe and this may have you concerned about your future in the UK.

In response to this, the UK Government has created a pathway for the best and brightest graduates willing to remain in the UK to find jobs and garner work experience in their chosen fields.

This pathway is a two/three-year long visa which allows you time to find a job, switch between jobs, gain experience and possibly settle with an employer who would sponsor your work permit.

July 1 2021 is the date when applications can start rolling in and with all things, you’re better off prepared in advance. So, there are a few things to note, just to make sure you’re adequately prepared by July 1.

  • The graduate route will use a points-based system which means must accrue up to 70 points to gain approval.
  • Achievements that increase your points include completion of an eligible course in the UK at a higher education provider, and a track record of compliance with government immigration policies.
  • As with most visa applications, you should expect to pay the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS), so make sure to have that set aside for your application.

Two foreign students in the UK

If you’re certain that you’ll have all these by July 1, what’s left now is to hang tight and wait for the application portal to open.

Immigration advisers are always handy to advise you on the requirements, review your documents and handle the application process for you.

Our advisers at RS Global are OISC certified and trusted by many students, workers, and immigrants to handle their visa applications and immigration cases. Contact us today so that we can get you all prepped for application day and ensure your smooth entry into post-university life in the UK.